Services We Render

JSC "RosTransTerminal" is one of the largest oil storage terminal in the Eastern Europe part of Russia fundamentally in the business of Petroleum Products Storage and cargo transhipment.

Our transportation system includes rail transportation, road and waterways transportation. The rail transport system has rail wagons within Russian linkable terminals and pipelines, and tanker ship along the inland waterways and coastal seas of European Russia. We are one of Eastern Europe's largest transport union in the storage and transport of liquid cargo.

Our main activities are as follows: storage of petroleum and petrochemical products, loading and dispatch of crude oil by rail, loading of crude oil and petroleum products by sea, discharge of oil and oil products from railroad, oil and chemical cargo transportation, railway and pipeline transportation, vessels Insurance.

RTT operates a vast, current tank storage facilities in different region of Russia and in Rotterdam. Our tanks are 55 feet high and 320 feet wide. More than 12 tanks are presently in use in each region we are located, and each tank take up to 600,000 barrels of oil product. Current development will extend the tank office to around 10 million barrels of unrefined petroleum stockpiling.
Over the ground tanks make it conceivable to isolate forte evaluations of raw petroleum for our customers. Customers with novel requirements can separate their supplies and ensure the quality specifications of the unrefined petroleum sent to refineries. The tanks have coasting rooftops and proficient bottoms, enabling them to be emptied and handle different grades of oil products.

Leader in Oil Products Warehousing

RTT has been ranked among the leaders in oil products storage and warehousing in Russia and Eastern Europe. Our terminals contain large welded storage tanks with large capacities. With years of experience, we focus on sustainability, safe, efficient and clean storage and handling of bulk liquid products.

We Efficiently meet all Requirements

JSC 'RosTransTerminal' efficiently provides 24/7, top-class bunkering services to various types and sizes of vessels including Cruise ship, Navy Ship, Offshore Oil Rigs, Drill Ships and so on. Through different in-port and out-port in Russia and Eastern Europe and efficient blending, we have been deliver bunker fuel, lubricants that meets the needs of our customers at competitive price.

Blending from lower-to-higher grade

Blending of crude oil is used for processing a lower grade crude oil by blending it with a higher grade, higher priced crude and increase of sale price. And we operates different fleets of high specification bunkering tankers of diverse sizes and types, ranging from inland waterway barges to ocean-going offshore bunkering tankers. RTT can provide the in-line blending of crude types for customers.

Leading Global Provider of Dry bulk

We provide wide range of handled dry and liquid bulk cargoes, discharging and loading from/to vessels through our specialized terminals and warehouses with various technical equipments and infrastructures Blending of Oil product(s) is used for the increase of sale price or ability of processing a lower grade crude oil by blending it with a higher grade, higher priced crude.

Specialized in Logisitics Management

We provide various logistics services from transportation of project cargoes and offshore structures, offshore and landline pipes, bulk grain trades, dangerous bulk cargoes, steel rails, minerals, general containers to management of fleets and cargo insurance. We believe timely delivery of customer's goods ensures their satisfaction and in turn create more opportunities for us.

We are qualified and Committed

RTT offers customs clearance services in different regions or boarders of Russian Federation. Our customs clearing department comprises of strong team of highly qualified and committed employees, all of whom have many years of experience in the industry and ever ready to help you with all the challenges you may face in connection with the import or export of different products.