Russia's Far Eastern Terminal

Eastern Europe's largest transport union
in the storage and transport of liquid cargo..

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About RTT

JSC "RosTransTerminal" is one of the largest oil storage terminal and oil transportation system in Eastern Europe part of Russia.
We are capable and reliable to serve you better.

JSC "RosTrans Terminal" is one of the largest oil storage terminal in the Eastern Europe part of Russia fundamentally in the business of Petroleum Products Storage and cargo transshipment.

And our tankers deliver along the inland conduits and beach front oceans of European Russia.

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Services we provide

JSC 'RosTransTerminal' operates oil terminal in major Russia's commercial sea port which include Nakhodak, Vladivostok, Primorsk, Tuapse and in Eastern Europe, Rotterdam. Our operational efficiency is about 9 564 730 cbm.

We provide various form of storage for oil products and other cargo products in various well equipped terminal we operate. Our transportation system are safe and efficient for quick delivery of oil and gas products.

Tank Storage Service 99%
Transshipment Service 90%
Bunkering Service 95%

How we work

The way we do it

We deliver products of high quality, meeting the international standard ISO 8217:2005(E) and the prices we are according to Rotterdam's. Our laboratory conducts analysis of crude oil and petroleum products on their performance when compared with other research methods.


We have different shipping solutions from door-to-door to ship chattering of different cargoes.

Tank Storage

We are independent storage company, and we provide and operate our storage facilities at Samara terminal.


The terminal capacity is more than 6300 m3 and we are able to discharge about 7 railcars at the same time.

We provide various oil product services for your need.

Company Overview

Our watchword at JSC 'RosTransTerminal' is quality, professionalism, business relationships, Ideology, operation, reliability and trustworthy as well safe keeping of our client’s confidentiality in mind. We have been in existence since early 2001, and has grown to be a leader in the commercial sea port of Samara region and serving the Eastern Europe. With many years of business experience, we are committed in rending our international partners with our unique services.

Leader in Oil Products Storage

JSC 'RosTransTerminal' has been ranked among the leaders in oil products storage, warehousing and maritime transport in Russia and Eastern Europe...

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Integration of Russia's Products

To promote effective integration of Russia into the world economic space through production, storage and transhipment of oil products from the Commercial Sea Port of Russia....

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Maintain our Cultures and Values

Continuous improvement of our operations and capital efficiency by maintaining our cultures and values in order for us to be recognized as a independent leader in oil productions....

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Contact us

46, ul. Dzerzhinskogo,

443070, Samara, Russia.

46, ul. Dzerzhinskogo,

443070, Samara, Russia.