Health, Safety & Environment

The environmental policy of JSC 'RosTransTerminal' is designed and aimed at the safe and sustainable development of the enterprise, the rational use of natural resources, safety and health personnel, as well as the presence of the population in cities and surrounding areas.

The goal of environmental policy - reducing atmospheric pollution by harmful emissions, ensuring environmental safety of enterprises and products. In order to achieve the objectives and implementation of the basic principles of the environmental performance of Samara Terminal LLC assumes the following obligations:

- To recognize the priority of environmental safety as an integral part of national security; comply with the requirements of the Russian legislation on the protection of the environment; monitor and analyze the environmental requirements and respond to their changing;

- Maintaining ecological order in the premises on the industrial site in the zone of influence on the environment; reducing "visible" (apparently detected by the senses) the impact on the environment;

- Providing resource, reducing the negative impact on the environment, taking all possible measures to preserve the climate, biodiversity and compensation of possible damage to the environment;

- Improving the environmental performance of existing production - improvement of basic technologies for the production, development and implementation of engineering and technological solutions, the use of environmentally friendly materials, as well as the decommissioning of environmentally inefficient equipment;

- Adoption of management and investment decisions on the basis of multi-variant scenarios, taking into account environmental priorities;

- Implement pollution prevention, which means the priority of preventive actions to prevent negative impacts on the environment before action to combat the effects of such impacts;