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About RosTransTerminal

JSC "RosTransTerminal" is one of the largest oil storage terminal in the Eastern Europe part of Russia fundamentally in the business of Petroleum Products Storage and cargo transshipment.

Our transportation system includes rail transportation, road and waterways transportation. The rail transport system has rail wagons within Russian linkable terminals and pipelines, and tanker ship along the inland waterways and coastal seas of European Russia. We are one of Eastern Europe's largest transport union in the storage and transport of liquid cargo.

Our main activities are as follows: storage of petroleum and petrochemical products, loading and dispatch of crude oil by rail, loading of crude oil and petroleum products by sea, discharge of oil and oil products from railroad, oil and chemical cargo transportation, railway and pipeline transportation, vessels Insurance.

Leader in Oil Products Storage

JSC 'RosTransTerminal' has been ranked among the leaders in oil products storage, warehousing and maritime transport in Russia and Eastern Europe...

Integration of Russia's Products

To promote effective integration of Russia into the world economic space through production, storage and transhipment of oil products from the Commercial Sea Port of Russia....

Maintain our Cultures and Values

Continuous improvement of our operations and capital efficiency by maintaining our cultures and values in order for us to be recognized as a independent leader in oil productions....

The Core Values and Principles of the Company

The core aim of the Company is to be known as one of the independent leader in the business of Oil and gas products and storage, transshipment and cargo delivery service.
And we have these three main adopted strategies that serves as key drivers to the success of our Company’s activities.

Maintenance of Our Cultures

Our cultures and values are our pride, and part of the success story of our Company's activities. The culture and value we maintain guide us on a day-to-day running of the company.

Customer Relationship Improvement

We create a long-term sustainable relationship with out customers by increasing effectively customer's support, creating awareness for new products and services tocustomers.

Quality Management System

We continuously maintain quality standards by adhering to principles of International standards, ISO 900-2001, strict quality control of products and involvement of workers in improvement of quality standards.


Mikhail Gulbanov

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Shupenko

Chief Operating Officer

Dmitry Kulipenko

Chief Financial Officer


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